cleo miao(缪玥恺)是一个艺术家,同时也在用10_r3n作为名字创作音乐。她是一个正在海外闯荡的浙江人。她的作品大都在玩弄数字工具和电子文化中共存的浪漫和荒谬,并通过跨媒介的实验试图理解虚拟空间中的自我以及社会性。

cleo miao is an artist who also makes music under the name 10_r3n. She was born in Zhejiang and currently lives in New York and Germany. Her work mostly plays with the co-existing romance and absurdity of digital tools and culture. She is trying to understand the significance of the self as well as communities in virtual spaces through cross-medium experiments.

for the old chaotic website here is a web capture on webrecorder.