drinking: TEMPORARY PLEASURES was on view at Distillary Gallery in Boston, MA Feb 1-21, 2020.

It is a double-solo show of Haley Matis-Uzzo and cleo miao.

For this exhibition, I used digitally rendered spaces and characters to create snippets about Chinese contemporary kitsch, fitness propogada, and Daoist religion.

《SOAK 浸 》是一个数字渲染的视频。在视频中,水在慢慢淹没一个破旧变形的公共踏步机,终而复始。这里的显示器变成了容器,而公共踏步机作为全民健身计划的一部分,承载了一些或许有些空洞的承诺和希望。

“SOAK 浸” is a digitally rendered video. In the video, water slowly submerges a broken public stepper, looping forever. Here, the monitor becomes a container. The stepper, as a part of the National Fitness Campaign, carries promises and hopes that are lofty and somewhat empty.